Believers Roast

Believers Roast: Where aesthetics eclipse commerce.

Believers Roast was the record label set up by Kavus Torabi in 2009. Initially conceived to release only Knifeworld and Torabi related recordings, it expanded upon its second major release, the album Leader Of The Starry Skies: Songbook One, a fundraising tribute to the music of Tim Smith.

Since then Believers Roast has gone on to release albums by like minded artists and special one off collaborations. The label is unbound by any one single genre. From modern classical, psychedelic folk, cutting edge rock, electronica and beyond the unifying factor is unique, visionary music unavailable anywhere else.

Artists include: Stars In Battledress, The Gasman, Redbus Noface, Thumpermonkey, Karda Estra, Dead Days Beyond Help, Rael Jones and Knifeworld.

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Various - The Exquisite Corpse Game STARS IN BATTLEDRESS - In Droplet Form The Gas Man Severance Pay Thumper Monkey Leader Of The Starry Skies - A Tribute To Tim Smith. Songbook 1 RAEL JONES Redbus Noface - If It Fights The Hammer, It Will Fight The Knife Believers Roast - The Central Element Various - Leader of the Starry Skies - 'A Loyal Companion' The Gas Man Karda Estra