Home Of The Newly Departed: 180G Vinyl


For the first time, Home Of The Newly Departed will be available as a beautiful 180g LP.

Home Of The Newly Departed collects Knifeworld’s two EPs Dear Lord, No Deal and Clairvoyant Fortnight plus an early B-side, Happy Half-life, Dear Friend.

You can also purchase this along with the newly released green vinyl edition of Buried Alone: Tales Of Crushing Defeat, for the special price of £30 by following this link.

Both LP’s come with download codes for MP3s.

LPs will ship in early December and will make an ideal Christmas present for a pet or vulnerable relative.

Studio Album, released in 2015

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Pilot Her (2:46)
2. Dear Lord, No Deal (2:16)
3. Clairvoyant Fortnight (5:28)
4. In A Foreign Way (5:21)
5. Happy Half-life, Dear Friend (4:33)
6. The Prime Of Our Decline (7:32)
7. HMS Washout (14:12)

Line-up / Musicians

Kavus Torabi / guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, noises etc
Emmett Elvin piano, rhodes, organs, synthesisers
Khyam Allami / drums
Melanie Woods / vocals
Craig Fortnam bass
Charlie Cawood bass
Chloe Herington saxophone/ bassoon
Ben Jacobs trumpet
Sarah Anderson violin/ viola
Sarah Measures flute
David J Smith percussion

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