Bottled Out Of Eden (Double 180g vinyl in gatefold with CD)


Expansive, kaleidoscopic and unpredictable, Bottled Out Of Eden is Knifeworld’s most fully realised work to date. 

The Vinyl release also includes a copy of album on CD

Studio Album, released in 2016
Songs / Tracks Listing

  1. High / Aflame
  2. The Germ Inside
  3. I am Lost
  4. The Deathless
  5. Foul temple
  6. Vision Of The Bent Path
  7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait
  8. Lowered Into Necromancy
  9. A Dream About A Dream
  10. Secret Words


Releases information
Label: Inside Out Music (2016 UK)
Total Time: 49:36

Musician / instruments played
Kavus Torabi / Singing, guitars, harp, percussion, noises
Melanie Woods / Singing, glockenspiel, percussion
Emmett Elvin / Keyboards, singing
Charlie Cawood / Bass guitar
Ben Woollacott / Drums
Chloe Herington / Bassoon, alto Saxophone, singing
Josh Pearl / Alto Saxophone, clarinet, singing
Oliver Sellwood / Baritone saxophone

Bob Drake / Singing on High / Aflame, The Germ Inside and Feel The Sorcery
Maxence Dels Aucells / Fujara on High / Aflame

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