Bottled Out Of Eden (Double 180g vinyl in gatefold with CD)

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Expansive, kaleidoscopic and unpredictable, Bottled Out Of Eden is Knifeworld’s most fully realised work to date. 

The Vinyl release also includes a copy of album on CD

Studio Album, released in 2016
Songs / Tracks Listing

  1. High / Aflame
  2. The Germ Inside
  3. I am Lost
  4. The Deathless
  5. Foul temple
  6. Vision Of The Bent Path
  7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait
  8. Lowered Into Necromancy
  9. A Dream About A Dream
  10. Secret Words


Releases information
Label: Inside Out Music (2016 UK)
Total Time: 49:36

Musician / instruments played
Kavus Torabi / Singing, guitars, harp, percussion, noises
Melanie Woods / Singing, glockenspiel, percussion
Emmett Elvin / Keyboards, singing
Charlie Cawood / Bass guitar
Ben Woollacott / Drums
Chloe Herington / Bassoon, alto Saxophone, singing
Josh Pearl / Alto Saxophone, clarinet, singing
Oliver Sellwood / Baritone saxophone

Bob Drake / Singing on High / Aflame, The Germ Inside and Feel The Sorcery
Maxence Dels Aucells / Fujara on High / Aflame

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